Book Purse

I am the proud owner of this beautiful book purse.

I was searching through book items on Etsy one night when I came across this woman who makes purses, wallets and other bookish items. When I posted it on my Facebook wall, my Mother-in-law messaged me asking where to get it. So, I sent her the page and she asked me which one I wanted. I showed her which one I liked the best and she bought it right then and there. I was shocked for one, because I wasn’t expecting that at all. Second, they are a little bit pricey and it’s not like it’s my birthday or anything, so I was beyond happy, excited and grateful that I have such an amazing mother-in-law who loves me enough to buy this for me. 

It’s worth the money when it’s made with care and precision, like this purse was made with. It’s big enough to put a wallet, keys, phone in. Also, it’s even big enough to put a trade paperback in if you were out and about and needed a book to pass the time. It has a pocket on the inside, and you have a choice on which type of handle you want and fabric you want for the inside. It’s stylish and will definitely turn heads. I am super impressed with this purse and I highly recommend you checking out the Etsy shop.

*All the links to her shop and social media are listed below. 






Novel Creations – A New Chapter in Purses



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