Christmas and Boxing Day Haul


My family knows that I love books and anything to do with books. I received a beautiful book watch from my mother-in-law and a gift card for Amazon. Three out of the four books here I have already read but, I am a collector and needed them for my bookshelf.

The Bandit by B.B. Reid completes my B.B. Reid collection up-to-date. Fractures in Ink by Helena Hunting is a spin-off of her Clipped Wings series which I have both books. I will be seeing her in May of 2017 at an author signing in Niagara Falls, Ontario and will be bringing those books to get signed.

Too Late and November 9 are both by Colleen Hoover, my favourite author. I had the privilege of reading Too Late while she was writing in on the free website called Wattpad. It was such a cool adventure waiting for her to update. Some days it would be multiple times and sometimes it would be days in between. It was such a rush to get the notification on my phone when she updated. I became an obsessed freak during that time and would drop anything I was doing to read the next chapter.

November 9 is my favourite book of all books. I love it so much and when I found out there was an illustrated hardcover, I just had to have it, naturally. Because I am Canadian, it is a pretty expensive book by itself, so I was happy that I had a gift card from Christmas to justify my purchase. Now I have every single book written by Colleen Hoover up-to-date.



Boxing Day in Canada is the day after Christmas. To some, it is considered a second day of Christmas. But it’s also the day where most businesses will have huge sales. It’s always a tradition if you received money for Christmas that you would go and spend it the next day during Boxing Day.

I did just that.

Where I live, I am blessed with the Book Outlet retail store. There is only one and I am happy to live in the next town over from it. On Boxing day, they had both an online sale and an in-store sale. Personally I think the in-store sale was better because it was 50% off the entire store! That is amazing. Especially because books are already cheap there, so 50% off is even better.

My sister and I left our children at home with our husbands and made a day-date just the two of us. We had an awesome time browsing the whole store, joking and laughing, enjoying each others company while shopping for books. I managed to score six books for under twenty dollars. That’s amazing! She also scored some awesome deals with books she was actually looking for and managed to find.

We both came out winners that day both financially and emotionally.

The Golden Lily – Richelle Mead

Love Letters to the Dead – Ava Dellaira

The Comfort of Lies РRandy Susan Meyers 

Mai Tia’d Up – Alice Clayton

100 Sideways Miles – Andrew Smith

Finding Audrey РSophie Kinsella 

I would like to add that I am so very thankful for my family for the things they do for me.

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