Romancing The Falls-2017 Book Signing Event

If you click on the picture, you can see the names more clearly.


May 20th, 2017 I attended a book signing event in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. I went with my sister and we had the most amazing day. The event was all sorts of romance authors. Whether that be erotic, fluffy or paranormal, there was a variety of authors to get to know.

Leading up the event, there was a Facebook group that I was in and it had all the attending authors and anyone who was going to the event. It was so nice to be able to interact with the authors and get to know them a little more before going. I was able to do some research and pick a select few to get books signed from.

The event was only four hours, and if you’re anything like me, you have to be prepared. These signings with this many authors can get quite busy and some tend to have longer lines. I needed to know who I was going to see and how I was going to see them all in time.

This was my very first author signing that I’ve been too and I was very impressed with how organized the event was. The author’s tables were lined up well, we were all given layouts with the author’s table numbers so we knew where to go, and everyone was so friendly and happy. At first I was in shock and then I went into full on fangirl mode and then I got some water and collected myself.

Most of these author’s I have never heard of before so with the research I did previously, I found authors whose books I felt I would enjoy and I went there first. The main author that I went to the event for was Helena Hunting. I already had 3 of her books, which I brought to be signed and then I bought another one there as well. 


The was literally the middle of the room. This was the part where I was still in shock and only got these photo’s instead of the whole room.


Jade West and Natasha Madison.


K.C. Lynn, and Harlow Stone.


Elisabeth Grace and Gillian Jones.


Helena Hunting and Chelle Bliss.


Overall, I had such an amazing day and it was special to me as I got to spend it with my sister. We don’t get to do these kind of things together often and she makes everything that much better. This has nothing to do with the actual book even, but when we were leaving the hotel that it was being held at, we ran into members of Big Brother Canada. We got to meet, hug and take a few pictures with some of the members and it was freaking awesome! They had just finished the season, spent a night in Toronto and then came to Niagara Falls for a few events. We just so happen to be at the same hotel they were all checking into. Oh, my, I think we might have had a mini heart attack. It was a great way to end our beautiful day.

My beautiful sister, Adrienne and I.


So, after a long, but exciting day, I was able to sit down, relax and go through all my goodies. In total, I came home with 17 books and two samples. I got a couple bookmarks from every table I stopped at and a pen from most. Some tables had other things like pins, matches and homemade items. Here is a photo of all the books and swag and a closeup photo of the books I got. 


Look at those beauties.

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