A Song For Us (White Trash, 3)

This is the third installment of the White Trash series. It continues the story of the first two but it’s in Eric and Sarah’s perspective. Eric is the drummer of Damaged and Sarah is the singer of Filth, the band that has been touring with Damaged in the first two books. You get to see a lot of the band, which includes Tucker and Cass.

This story is about Eric and Sarah’s troubled pasts and how they conquer their issues while trying to remain friends from afar. Obviously, in any love story, that doesn’t always happen. Even though Sarah as a boyfriend, he treats her like garbage and pushes her closer to Eric. I liked Eric’s character in the second book. I thought he was moody but was also funny, so I was intrigued when I learned this book was in his perspective. This book, he is still a moody guy but you get to see why now and Sarah was such a good friend to Cass in the second book, that in this book she needed a friend herself when times were tough for her.

I liked this book better than the second one but not as much as the first. I found that one had the best story line. This is a great conclusion even if it’s in different perspectives it still finishes up the story in a good day.


A Song for Us Book Cover A Song for Us
White Trash
Teresa Mummert
Simon and Schuster
April 22, 2014

Thanks to the MTV Video Music Awards, Damaged is suddenly famous. But as their star rises, drummer Eric begins to spiral out of control. Haunted by the tragic events of his childhood, he gets into fights after gigs and flies off the handle when the paparazzi approach. Drinking numbs the pain – but his behaviour could cost him his rock star dreams.

Only one person has ever gotten Eric to open up about his life. Sarah, the lead singer of Filth, has a confident facade that masks her own painful secrets. But Sarah’s tumultuous relationship with her band-mate and boyfriend Derek forces her to keep Eric at a distance. As their friendship grows into something more, Eric has to find a way to forget his tortured past before it jeopardizes his only chance for a happy future.

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