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Okay, to start this review off, I want to say that this is solely based off the story on Wattpad. I have not read the paperback version, I have only read all three books which are called After, After 2 and After 3 on Wattpad and so things are not going to be the same as the paperback version. This story was based on fanfiction of the band OneDirection. All the names of the members are basically main characters in this story.

Personally, I could care less about that. I never started the series because of OneDirection, I don’t even like OneDirection but I was searching through WattPad one night while going to bed and I came across Anna Todd’s name. I kind of knew who she was because Colleen Hoover did an International tour with her not that long ago. I read the synopsis and it sounded interesting enough so I dove right in and from there I was sucked under the current. I love a good college story complete with dorms and bad boys with tattoos and piercings.

This review is based on all three stories so there is going to be a lot of information. I don’t intend to spoil anything but because of how long and how detailed this story is, I might say some things you might not want to read. I am going to break it down between each book so if you don’t want to know what’s going on in the second or third then you don’t have to continue but I don’t plan on spoiling anything major.

After starts off with Tessa Young entering her first year of College at WSU. Raised by her mother who is strict and proper, Tessa herself has to be perfect as well. She has the perfect boyfriend Noah, who will be attending the same University but not until the following year. She has perfect grades and perfect clothes. The only thing not perfect is her new roommate in her new dorm room. She has tattoos and wild pink hair and hangs out with guys who are also covered in tattoos and piercings. Her mother is not too pleased and as shocked as Tessa is, she wants to experience the full college dream.

In comes Harry. He is hot with a British accent, covered in tattoos and piercings in his lip and eyebrow, he is the perfect mix of hot and brooding. Friends with Tessa’s roommate Steph, he could care less about Tessa and her snooty attitude but Steph befriends her and invites her to the frat parties. Tessa is skeptical. She doesn’t know if she should interact with these people as they are definitely not her type of people, but Steph insists they become friends as they are roommates after all. So Tessa goes to a couple of parties, plays their stupid games and has a few drinks. Harry happens to live at this frat house and she ends up in his room one party and touches his things. Harry doesn’t like his stuff to be touched and he lets her know in a not so nice way, just like how he always interacts with her but she ends up kissing him that night and from there is where their crazy relationship blossoms.

Their relationship moves pretty fast. From that first kiss, they haven’t spent barely any time apart. Basically like a month passes and they are already moving in with each other. They have the most bizarre relationship I have ever seen before. Harry has to be the most crazy book boyfriend I have ever read about. He is possessive like you wouldn’t believe, he is borderline abusive but without actually physically hitting her. He’s an asshole with a terrible temper and attitude. Tessa is a doormat in the relationship. Harry walks all over her, he treats her like garbage and she keeps coming back to him. Her inner dialog should be recorded as bi-polar as she is back and forth between staying and leaving. I mean there’s love and then there’s a line that gets crossed where it becomes too much and you need to distance yourself from this relationship. Tessa doesn’t know how to do that in these books and it was so frustrating to read.

The end of After leaves off with Harry being kind of shady. He was getting defensive about a text she saw from one of Harry’s friends and when she asked where he was going he blew up at her about having to know everything all the time and then left the apartment. After 2 starts off with Tessa finding Harry with his friends and basically catching him in more lies and then out comes something that Harry has done to Tessa that totally caught me off guard. I didn’t expect it and I was very shocked. Basically, Harry does something just unthinkable, something cruel and horrible to Tessa. After 2 is more or less about Tessa forgiving Harry and them going back and forth between fighting and making up the whole book. Harry being an asshole and Tessa being dumb and naive. It ends with another twist and cliffhanger and After 3 starts right back up where 2 left off. More drama, betrayals and deceits fill this third and conclusion book. Unexpected twists and endings leave you wanting more and more.

I have to say that for a first time author, Anna Todd really knows how to write a realistic story. I was very impressed with this entire series and was so happy to hear that she was being published. What an accomplishment to be a first time writer and write a free story where millions of people read it and then become a #1 Best Selling Author where millions of more people will read the paperback version. Each book is long, descriptive and very relatable. I felt like I could relate to some of the characters in the sense of first and true loves, friendship, betrayals, and just plain growing up. I look forward to reading more of Anna Todd’s work in the future, and I will definitely be buying her books for my shelves.

These books are all New Adult novels. They are not recommended for young readers at all. There is a lot of strong language, very descriptive sexual content, drugs, alcohol and some violence.

After Book Cover After
Anna Todd
Simon and Schuster
October 21, 2014

Tessa Young is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. She always has things planned out ahead of time, until she meets a rude boy named Harry, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans.

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