Bad Romeo

Wow, what a captivating book this is. Hook, line and sinker, I couldn’t put this down. This is such an in-depth book of friendship, love and heartbreak. So much was happening in this story but it’s all balanced between a past and present format. Sometimes I’m not a huge fan of reading past times, but this book lays it out perfectly.

The past sections are from six years ago when Cassie and Ethan first meet trying out for the Romeo & Juliet play. For Cassie, it’s attraction at first sight. She’s a sheltered, straight-edge girl who has very strict parents and Ethan is the sexy bad-boy who does and says what he wants. Cassie doesn’t understand why he’s so rude but she can’t seem to stay away. They build their relationship up slowly. It’s mostly Cassie wanting more which he can’t give to her and eventually he breaks her heart which leads us to the present time.

Cassie and Ethan are reunited on the set of another play where they have to be romantic with each other. Of course they are the lead actors and that puts them in the spotlight. Everyone’s heard of the breakup the first time and to them it’s a matter of time before it happens again. It’s up to Cassie now if she can handle working with Ethan so close together without falling for him once again.

I have never read anything by Leisa Rayven previous to Bad Romeo, and this definitely won’t be the last. This book is written so beautifully. The character development individually and within the couple is spot on. Everyone is described beautifully and the backstories of these characters are perfect. The dialog is fantastic. All the characters, even side ones are funny, quirky and intense. I haven’t read anything where the characters are in acting school or Broadway before, so the concept of the book I found very intriguing.

I like that Ethan is a bad boy and not a prissy actor. He has sass and attitude and a dark history. Cassie starts as a naive girl and later turns into someone who doesn’t care what people think and ready to take on the world by herself. The sexual tension between these two characters is so high, they are basically boiling. It’s definitely a New Adult novel as there is a lot of mature scenes. I’ve got to give it to Leisa, she is a very descriptive writer. I definitely felt a lot of emotions reading this book. It’s a very intense, emotional book and I recommend it to anyone looking for a fantastic, twisted love story.


Bad Romeo Book Cover Bad Romeo
Leisa Rayven
December 23, 2014

Cassie Taylor was the good-girl acting student. Ethan Holt was the bad boy on campus. Then one fated casting choice for Romeo and Juliet changed it all. Like the characters they were playing, Cassie and Ethan's epic romance seemed destined. Until it ended in tragedy when he shattered her heart.

Now they've made it to Broadway, where they're reunited as romantic leads once again - and their passionate scenes force them to confront the heartbreak lows and pulse-pounding highs of their intense college affair. For Ethan, losing Cassie was his biggest regret... and he's determined to redeem himself. But for Cassie, even though Ethan was her first and only great love, he hurt her too much for her to ever trust him again. The trouble is, working with him reminds her that people who rub each other the wrong way often make the best sparks. And when it comes to love, sometimes it's the things that aren't good for us that are the most irresistible.

Don't miss the intoxicating romance beloved by more than two million fans online - a story that will captivate you and hold you breathless util the final page. 

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