Inked Armor (Clipped Wings, 2)

What a fantastic way to end the story. Quite a bit happened in this book which surprised me, most times a second book wraps up fairly quickly. As much as the book wrapped up this story, there were still some pretty chaotic moments. Ones that make you gasp in a breath or sigh out in relief.

The great writing style is continued throughout this book, as well as more character building. You find out a lot more about Hayden and Tenley’s individual characters and their backstories. I was thoroughly impressed with this book and this duology. I look forward to reading the third book in the Clipped Wings series. It does not follow Hayden and Tenley’s story but it does follow Chris and Sarah who are side characters and how they developed their relationship. I would be happy to try Helena’s other books as well.


Inked Armor Book Cover Inked Armor
Clipped Wings
Helena Hunting
Gallery Books
May 13, 2014

With Hayden Stryker, the darkly gorgeous tattoo artist, Tenley Page can put the tragedy of her life aside and lose herself in his ink-covered body. Still, she knows that she can’t run from her past forever. To embrace the future, she must revisit her former life. But her struggle to come to terms with the magnitude of her guilt may end in losing Hayden, as well…

After Tenley leaves, Hayden’s world is thrown into chaos. Tormented by old betrayals, he fears that she doesn’t fully return his feelings. Even when she comes back, the uncertainties that consume him threaten to destroy their fragile bond. Can he trust her not to run again… or is the desire that binds them together merely an illusion?

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