Lead Me Not

I absolutely loved this book. I was so entranced by it that I couldn’t put it down. I also read it again right after. Right from the Prologue I knew this was going to be an interesting story. The story line is so intense and emotional it had me gripping the pages. It had me gasping, and sighing and it even had me yelling at the book as well. Dual perspective in Aubrey and Maxx’s point of view, tells a story of happiness and sorrow, addiction and love.

Aubrey is a straight-edge girl. She may drink occasionally but after the loss of her sister because of drugs, she’s vowed to help people who are addicted. Being a co-facilitator for an addictions support group, she has to maintain a level of professionalism and follow a code of conduct, which is don’t fall in love with one of the members. She’s drawn to Maxx in a way she can’t describe. He can be charming and romantic but he can also be withdrawn and mysterious.

Maxx is the blonde hair, blue eyed hunk that’s in Aubrey’s support group. On the outside he is cocky and confident but on the inside he is hurting and lonely. When he see’s Aubrey for the first time he is drawn to her like nothing else. There is a sense of longing in her that he can’t stop thinking about. The closer they get the more he wants her and needs her. But can loving her and loving the drugs balance itself out?

A. Meredith Walters has a way with her words. She describes her characters in a way that sticks with you. They come with such strong backgrounds with such strong chemistry that her words just suck you right in. While reading this book I definitely felt every emotion that was portrayed and I can’t wait to read the second book Follow Me Back to learn more about these characters. I have a feeling we are not finished learning about Maxx and Aubrey.

This is definitely a New Adult romance with some steamy scenes. I highly recommend this book but for mature audiences only.


Lead Me Not Book Cover Lead Me Not
Twisted Love
A. Meredith Walters
Simon and Schuster
August 5, 2014

Aubrey Duncan has never completely forgiven herself for the death of her younger sister from a drug overdose. Getting a degree in counselling is one way to move on, and she hopes that being the assistant facilitator for a campus addiction support group will give her a chance to help someone in the way she failed to help her sister. Enigmatic Maxx Demelo – and how he makes her feel – is definitely not part of her plans.

In no world should Aubrey be falling for a group member, but there’s something addictive about both Maxx and the dark city scene where he makes a living. In his arms, Aubrey can break free from her everyday, hardworking self and escape into the passion he promises.

Beneath Maxx’s carefully constructed mask of independent self-confidence, however, is somebody who is trapped in his own personal hell. Loving him feels a longing that Aubrey didn’t know she had, but it may be what she should fear the most. Because the fire he ignites in her may just burn her alive.

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