Naughty Boss

When you read a synopsis like the one this book has and when I think about good forbidden, office romance novels, this one is a top for me. Even though this was only a Novella, it’s still a great book. I do wish that it was longer and had more detail to it, but for a Novella, it was the perfect pace. The writing is good but there are a few spelling errors throughout. It’s super easy to read and the characters have¬†personality and chemistry.

Mya starts a new job as the assistant to the CEO of a publishing company. She’s great at her job – even though the boss is demanding. She’s the longest running assistant that he’s had, and she’s great at making it seem like he doesn’t affect her sexually. Mya has a best friend, who they send e-mails to each other a lot. After many e-mails detailing all the sexual things she’d like to do to her boss, but also of how much of an asshole he is. She sent this one to him by accident.

Michael Leighton is the CEO of Leighton Publishing. He is the sexy, hard-ass¬†alpha boss who likes things done his way. Since the moment Mya was hired he’s had to convince himself that he can’t touch her. One, she’s an amazing assistant, and two, he’s never had to chase before. But, when he receives that e-mail detailing all the things she would like to do to him, he knew she felt the same. Maybe he has a shot at this now.

Dual perspective in both Mya and Michael’s perspectives, it’s funny, sexy and all around sweet. This is the first time reading from this author and I think I will pick up another book. I highly recommend this book if you’d like a fast, sexy romance. This is a New Adult Novella as there is strong sexual content throughout.

Naughty Boss Book Cover Naughty Boss
Whitney G
December 15th 2016

He definitely wasn't supposed to get that email...

Subject: My Boss.

Have I already told you that I hate my boss today?

Sexy as hell or not, this pompous, arrogant, ASSHOLE asked me to pick up his dry cleaning the second I walked through the door. Then he told me that I needed to take his Jaguar to a car wash that was ten miles outside of the city, but only after I needed to stand in a never-ending line to buy some type of limited, hundred-dollar watch.

I honestly can't wait to see the look on his face two months from now when I tell him that I'm quitting his company and that he can kiss my ass. KISS. MY. ASS.

All those former fantasies about him kissing me with his "mouth of perfection" or bending me over my desk and filling me with his cock are long over. OVER.

Your bestie,

PS--Please tell me your day is going better than mine...

Subject: Re: My Boss.

No, you haven't already told me that you hate your boss today, but seeing as though you've sent me this email directly, I know now...

Yes, I did ask you to pick up my dry cleaning the second you arrived to work to day. (Where is it?) And I did tell you to take my Jaguar to the car wash and pick up my thousand-dollar watch. (Thank you for taking five hours to do something that could be accomplished in two.)

You don't have to wait two months from now to see the look on my face when you tell me you're quitting. I'm standing outside your office at this very moment. ( Open the door. )

No comment on your "fantasies," although I highly doubt they're "long over."

Your boss,

PS--Yes. My day is definitely going far better than yours...

A steamy, office-romance novella from New York Times bestselling author, Whitney G.

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