Since You’ve Been Gone

I have to say that I really liked this book. I think it was well written and really fun to read. Each chapter is something that Emily ticks off her list and the adventures she goes on will have you laughing.

I like the concept of Sloane’s list for Emily to complete. She is being a good friend/person even though she isn’t even there with Emily. She is trying to break her friend out of her shell, to stand up for herself and do things she would not normally do on her own. I think it is great.

When I was younger I was so shy. My father used to make me do things like pay for something at a store or call someone on the phone to order a pizza or a relative, etc. I never wanted to do these things because I was so shy and nervous but he would make me do these things anyways. The more I did those type of things, the easier it became and now as an adult I can do those things no problem, in fact I am the person to go to to call people and deal with certain situations. And you know what? I can thank my father for that. I am still a shy person but I have enough confidence in myself that I didn’t have before. So I can relate to this book and it was a nice feeling as I read through it.

I am not a fan of long chapters, and this book has some long chapters but it was still quite an easy read and I recommend it to anyone who wants to read a nice summer adventure book.


Since You've Been Gone Book Cover Since You've Been Gone
Morgan Matson
Juvenile Fiction
Simon and Schuster
May 6, 2014

It was Sloane who yanked Emily out of her shell and made life 100% interesting. But right before what should have been the most epic summer, Sloane just … disappears. All she leaves behind is a to-do list.

On it, thirteen Sloane-inspired tasts that Emily would normally never try. But what if they could bring her best friend back?

Apple picking at night? Okay, easy enough.

Dance until dawn? Sure. Why not?

Kiss a stranger? Um …

Emily now has this unexpected summer, and the help of Frank Porter(totally unexpected), to check things off Sloane’s list. Who knows what she’ll find?

Go skinny-dipping? What … what?

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